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This is a forum to share innovative and low-cost methods for guiding and inspiring students throughout the college-going process.

Check out how schools, districts, and youth-serving organizations nationwide are helping make students' dreams of a higher education become a reality. Or share your own!

Using the (Almost) Free Idea List

There are many avenues to finding the ideas you're looking for and, hopefully, stumbling across a few other ideas you hadn't dreamed of... so many that it can all seem kind of confusing. Use the navigation on the left to jump into the list or click here to get a better idea of how the site works.

What do we mean Almost Free?

OK, so there is no free lunch, as the saying goes. All of these ideas do involve some form of "cost" in terms of effort and/or money. Some more than others. Please read this to learn how the ideas can be "almost free" for you.

Connect to People Who Can Help

Do you want more information or direction on how to put one of the ideas into action? Contact us, and we will connect you with people who can help.

Share your Own Ideas

Do you have any ideas that you would like to share? Have you applied some of the strategies listed here and have your own recommendations or resources? Please share your ideas with us!